Sunday, 21 April 2013

Jingling 4.0.2 (A traffic booster bot)

Jingling (Flow Wizard) is a Webmaster, personal blog, online writers, website promotion, internet marketing, online shop promotion and other types of network practitioners, used to improve the traffic, shops / merchandise page views, page PV (visits ), UV (unique visitors), IP (independent IP), a free web promotion software.

How to use the software ?

1. Add the URL:

After the software is running, click on the "Add 'the universal flow' URL" button, and then enter the URL to share traffic and click "OK", as:

Only need more than a simple operation on your website can share the flow, if you want to understand more software features, see the software features detailed Help.

2. Software function interface

Software main interface functions, as shown:

Software features: the functionality of the previous version of the "universal flow and flow wizard are identical, according to the previous method to use, flexible settings to achieve a variety of flow effect;

The accurate flow user can specify exactly the number of daily traffic and dwell time, more accurate than the "universal flow control;

1. The space popular "brush QQ space popularity only need to enter the QQ number, very simple to use;
2. Number of URLs and software settings: displays the current URL and the total number of URLs that can be added, as well as software settings button (boot automatically run, hide system tray icon, etc.) has been added;
3. List of URLs: URL display and management has been added, where you can view the traffic information, modify the URL, and more traffic optimization settings operation;
4. Add URL: URL used to add a "universal flow-line bind" URL "accurate flow" URL, "space popular" URL and use the Help button;
5. Information window: for display the important official notification as well as software to use to help;

3. The flow wizard test tools Detailed

The the flow wizard test tool is mainly used to detect whether the pop can bomb sub-page access detection, target URL to find detection, as:

1. Web address, the address bar: browser address bar fill test general URL;
2. Access button: Complete URL click access button to open the page normally like the browser;
3. Automatic access: the effect of test access sub-page automatic access, what is the "automatic access" refer to the universal flow - optimization settings ;
4. Matching access: the effect of test access sub-page in match access "case, what is the The match access" refer to General traffic - optimization settings ;
5. Refresh URL: testing the refresh effect in the case of the 'refresh' URL 'Refresh' URL '"refer to generic traffic - optimization settings ;
6. Click Test Access sub pages: Test Access effect according to the selected sub-page access mode and see the sub-page link to the page for the regional map;
7. The target type: select the destination URL way to find a matching link address or link title in two ways;
8. Target features: test To access the destination URL, enter your own can click the destination URL list to select the corresponding destination URL or target title;
9. Click to view the destination URL matches the diagram: test access to the target URL, and view the destination URL link to the page for the regional map;
10. The target list of URLs: Right Right-click on the page you want to access the text / image links display the characteristics of the target URL as URL, it is recommended to use the recommended target URL;

Download Bot here:

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